Pre- and Post-Surgical Applications of Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

Laurel has almost a decade of experience with hundreds of post-surgery clients, including liposuction, BBLs, tummy tucks, knee replacement surgery and much more. Multiple surgeons in and around the Austin area refer their patients to her for post-surgery care.

Lymphatic Massage assists to move the stagnant fluid caused by surgery trauma that can cause swelling, pain & possible infection, allowing the fresh lymph to replace it for optimal healing results and less recovery time*.

Sessions also can assist with releasing fascia adhesions or scar tissue that is inhibiting lymph flow.



At least ONE LDT session is recommended pre-surgery, especially for patients prone to water retention, swelling, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, chronic inflammation, etc. One to three days prior to surgery.


  • Prepares Tissue for surgery. Allows for a clean incision with less tearing of the tissue & easier closure with minimal scarring.

  • Alleviates Edema: It may allow surgery to be scheduled earlier.

  • Detoxifies tissue.

  • Stimulates the immune system; accelerates the production of lymphocytes.

  • Induces a state of relaxation; promotes parasympathetic response.


For most procedures, 7-10 days post-surgery is recommended, (depending on procedure & surgeon approval).

For optimal results: Scheduling 1-2 sessions per week for six weeks post-surgery. Many clients find that they need maintenance sessions every 2-4 weeks after initial healing period of 6 weeks. For procedures on multiple  areas of the body, expect to need more sessions.


  • Alleviates Post-surgical edema

  • Helps stimulate lymphatic "reroutes"; Manual Lymphatic Mapping allows the Therapist to discover alternative lymphatic pathways.

  • Reduces pain.

  • Alleviates spasms (promotes parasympathetic response).

  • Detoxification helps reverse build up of toxins secondary to effects of medication, immobilization.

  • Stimulates fluid circulation, promotes urination.

  • Stimulates immune system and helps prevent post-surgical infections.

  • Improves skin regeneration and wound healing and optimizes scarring process.

  • May help to prevent the formation of adhesions, scars and hypertrophic or keloid scars.

  • *Healing time can be reduced by as much as 50% according to some surgeons who have recommended lymphatic massage to their patients.

50 min Session:

(includes discussion time)

For best results, multiple sessions recommended.